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  • Wookie Piss

Wookie Piss


Combining the flavorful potency of Cheetah Piss with the savory-sweet and funky fusion of GMO x Wookie (Lavender x Appalachia), we get the captivating hybrid strain "Wookie Piss."

  • Mother Plant - "Cheetah Piss by Growing Passion":

    Cheetah Piss is a highly acclaimed and potent strain developed by Growing Passion. It is known for its pungent and skunky aroma, energizing effects, and is favored by users seeking a stimulating experience.

    Father Plant - "GMO x (Lavender x Appalachia) by Bodhi Seeds":

    GMO x (Lavender x Appalachia) is a hybrid strain resulting from the cross between GMO (Garlic Cookies) and a combination of Lavender and Appalachia strains. Lavender is known for its floral and sweet aroma, while Appalachia contributes uplifting and creative effects. The combination creates a unique and diverse genetic blend.

  • 12 Regular Seeds