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Lucy's Choice


Lucys Choice is an exotic Sativa leaning hybrid that combines the old school style of Beatrix Choice x Black Domina with the modern clone only cutting of Candyland. The combination of these genetics creates a complex pool of genes that spits out nothing but large yielding phenotypes, whether you're looking for spear shaped old school colas or massive golden/amber Runtz shaped nugs.


Growing Lucy's Choice you can expect a 2.5-3 stretch minimum. The Sativa Dominant phenotypes will express thinner leaves and a slightly longer flowering time with the exemption of a little more flavor while the more broad leaf phenotypes produce large modern hybrid nugs. The overall structure of the plant lends itself to an easy grow whether you would like to train it out or top it at 5-6 weeks veg and flip to flower.


It is crucial you flower Lucys Choice a full term of 10-11 weeks minimum to experience full effects. The terpenes and flavors vary from a distinctly prominent Pink Lemonade with hints of pine/earthy to a more earthy tone paired with citrus/pepper and sweeter undertones on the backend. The effects of Lucys Choice are on an original Acapulco Gold level. Taking a couple puffs from a joint leads to an instant buzzing head high that slowly spreads to full body within 20 mins. Very uplifting and giggly affects at the beginning followed by a knockout potency - any novice level smoker should beware.

  • Candyland x (Black Domina x Beatrix Choice)