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  • Champa



Combining the exceptional genetics of "Beerus Kush" and "Wedding Cake," we get the intriguing hybrid strain "CHAMPA"


The fragrance is a delightful marriage of pungent kush, garlic and skunk notes from the "Beerus Kush" parent, complemented by the sweet and earthy vanilla undertones from "Wedding Cake." This combination creates a unique and captivating scent that sets it apart from other strains with flavors that stick to the pallet for long periods of time.

  • Mother Plant - "Beerus Kush":

    1. Grandparent 1: Master Yoda
    2. Grandparent 2: Golden Lemonz
    3. Grandparent 3: 89NL5 x 90 Super Skunk

    Father Plant - "Wedding Cake":

    Wedding Cake is a popular and potent hybrid known for its sweet, earthy, and vanilla flavors, with a high THC content and relaxing effects.

  • 12 Regular Seeds